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Jani Anttola


Jani Anttola by Zhi Yong Lin

Jani Anttola is a Finnish novelist and a medical doctor. In the 1990s he served in Rwanda with the French military and fought in Bosnia as a soldier of the Bosnian army. His works have been published in the UK and Finland. He has spent most of his adult life abroad, working in Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.

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Father of One

"An affecting and timely novel of war...captures the horrors of the conflict with surreal precision"    Kirkus reviews



Maka, a young Bosnian soldier, has survived three years under siege. When the enemy forces launch their final attack on his hometown, he must escape to the hills. But traversing the vast woods is a task against all odds: to stay alive, and to find his infant son and his wife, he is soon forced to make a desperate move.


Set against the harrowing background of raging guerrilla warfare and the genocide in Srebrenica, Father of One is, at heart, a story of deep humanity, compassion and love. It is the account of one man’s desire to reunite his family, separated by war, and of bonds unbroken by trauma, sustained by loyalty and tenacity. Writing in a voice that rings with clarity and authenticity, the author lays open a dark moment in Europe’s recent history.

Father Of One a novel by Jani Anttola

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This extraordinary novel is a master-class in storytelling. Jani Anttola has captured the horrors of war and internment in the historical context of Bosnia and Serbia in the 1990s… written with a brilliance matching Henri Charrière's now classic Papillon.

Robin Price, NetGalley

“Wow. Just wow. …This novel is a powerful read… I was in awe…The writing in this book is beautiful and despite the hard topic I could not put it down. Literally read it in one sitting with no breaks… A beautiful novel.”

Nic Harris, Amazon

“An incredible book… The writing is honestly breathtaking, not just in its words, although this book is beautifully written, but in the things that it doesn't say… It is raw and brutal… I would highly recommend that everyone reads it.

Kirsty Lock, Goodreads

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